It looks like a ding dong of a divorce

Are horror marriages becoming a trend? In the past year we've had the celebrity version - Jonny Depp and Amber Heard, the 'trapped without love for 40 years' version - Tini Owens,  'the buried in a cesspit' version - Helen Bailey.  And now we've got the Mel B version. Allegations of threesomes, extortion, physical violence, an affair with the … Continue reading It looks like a ding dong of a divorce

We all should be a Valentine

"All you need is love", sang The Beetles in 1967.  In a world that seems focussed on power and money and politicized religion, we probably need to think about love some more. Really think about love you know; the what, the why, the how.  And then consider how we are without love. It's easy to be cynical about … Continue reading We all should be a Valentine

Just serving up a divorce, dear

It's made headlines around the world.  The Great British Bake Off producers have cited (financial) distress and waltzed into the waiting arm(ful)s of Channel 4. There's blood on the carpet (Mary, Mel and Sue, all gone) and the jostling for position in the brand-spanking marquee has begun.  Will the British public accept minted Paul Hollywood's second "wife"? We'll have … Continue reading Just serving up a divorce, dear

Picturing domestic abuse

Source: Hollywood Life But we know she's not alone.The statistics are horrendous. Worldwide, almost one-third (30%) of all women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner, in some regions this is much higher. Furthermore, globally as many as 38% of all murders of women are committed by intimate partners (WHO).  Chad, Afghanistan and … Continue reading Picturing domestic abuse

Lessons in Life and Love. By Dr Frankenstein

  "Today nearly everybody knows – or thinks they know – the tale of Frankenstein: an unhinged visionary doctor who makes the crude shape of a man from grave-robbed body parts and brings it to life, only to reject his grisly creation and so incite it to seek his destruction. For most of two centuries … Continue reading Lessons in Life and Love. By Dr Frankenstein

The Art of the Political Wife

Political wives may be easy pickings for a joke or two in the press but the death last week of Nancy Reagan, the recent new series release of the House of Cards on Netflix, and the high profile campaigning of Mrs Clinton in the US, give us a real reason to look at the role of the spouse … Continue reading The Art of the Political Wife

Love across the ages

Big age-gap relationships are in the news again this week. Last weekend saw the seemingly rather happy nuptials between Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch (a 25 year gap; he's 84, she's 59). Whilst Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Liam Payne (10 year gap, she's 32, he's 22) are feeding a frenzy of social media gossip, saucy style. Celebritydom has a fair sprinkling of  … Continue reading Love across the ages

“My sin, my soul”. How Lolita can help us understand our sexual predators

It's a week the BBC hopes passes quickly, with other news becoming more dominant but the publication of Dame Janet Smith’s report on the sexual abuse carried out by Jimmy Saville will mean a permanent record is now part of it's history. The media is full of comment and opinion.  I have only a small thing to add to this; I … Continue reading “My sin, my soul”. How Lolita can help us understand our sexual predators