Love Turkey, hate this artistic suppression

For 30 million worldwide tourists a year Turkey means either offers sparkling white sands and a twinkling azure sea or the hurly-burly and heritage sites of Istanbul.  Along it's Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines there are beach resorts for all types, from the Bodrum Peninsula to Kalkan and Marmaris. Alongside the usual swim, drink and dine; you can marvel … Continue reading Love Turkey, hate this artistic suppression

Who’s got their blue stockings on?

As the political quick-storms continue, Britain's second-only female Prime Minister moves like lighting into number 10 Downing Street (sometimes you have to take the great opportunity that comes your way...) Much is being said about Theresa May, her political career, her marriage, her dress sense and her liking for kitten-heeled shoes.  She has also been called a … Continue reading Who’s got their blue stockings on?

It started with a kiss…

A Judas kiss.   Just like Jesus experienced a couple of centuries ago, it's been a right ol' week for friends betraying friends. First it was political as Justice Secretary Michael Gove plotted and garroted his former ally Boris Johnson. Intrigue and betrayal may be rooted in our state affairs, but the revenge tragedy currently being played on the political stage is rather … Continue reading It started with a kiss…

It’s all so political…give us some art

Since the Brexit result, the noisy news has been relentless.  Our politicians have found the going slippery  (so much rivalry and skulduggery), the economic marketplace appears clueless, whilst out in the towns reserved resentments are popping up like ugly jack-in-the -boxes.  The world looks on at us; unsettled and rather shameful. The power-play will continue over the coming days, months and possibly … Continue reading It’s all so political…give us some art