Frauen sind doch bessere diplomaten

Whilst we get on with our day, Mrs May is in the Trumped-up White House for her first meeting with the new US President. No doubt she is feeling ready having spent a goodly time prepping and practicising for this big event. But, whether she likes it or not, her gender has a big part to play.  "Fat." … Continue reading Frauen sind doch bessere diplomaten

The conundrum that is Cuba

If you ever wondered how to mourn a political icon, take a look at Cuba. The country has simply lost itself for Fidel Castro this week.  Already there have been rallies, mass eulogies, vigils and ceaseless tributes in a nine-day mourn-fest for the dictator who ruled the country for nearly 50 years. Ever keen to reinforce the importance of the man and … Continue reading The conundrum that is Cuba

For the love of celebrity

Two years ago Kim Kardashian wrote a letter to her 2025 future self, her dreams then were of  " a green juice to keep her tanned forever" and of breaking "the 100 billion mark of Instagram followers" or "I’ll be very disappointed in you.” It's possible she might not be wishing for the same.  A month … Continue reading For the love of celebrity

We shall be governed no better than we deserve…

Whilst the world recovers from the shock election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States, the film of his life so far is, no doubt, being written (and here's a useful Trump character analysis, if that's you). Hollywood loves to screen-ify our world leaders; from Ghandi to Mandela to JFK and Nixon, their life stories have … Continue reading We shall be governed no better than we deserve…

Seeing the Displaced

  The scenes on our screens this week looked like a promo for the latest Hollywood apocalypse story.  A picture of shapeless Humans, harried and hungry, their few possessions in arms or on heads leaving a smoky wasteland flecked with fires and rubble and human detritus. The debris of destroyed"homes" washed up here and there, strewn rubbish and piles of rotting remains, broken things, … Continue reading Seeing the Displaced

Breaking out of a siege mentality

Likely lucky for most of us, we've spent the past 5 years  living out our lives, in a peaceful nation, free of religious or political tyranny. Not so the citizens of Aleppo, they've been in a different place - a possible hell; witnessing the virtual destruction of their home city, their lives endangered on a daily  (hourly, even) basis, by a fierce, relentless, murderous … Continue reading Breaking out of a siege mentality

Let the culture games begin

And so they have begun; Rio got it's last-minute act together and the world is now avidly and awe-edly watching the 28th Summer Olympic Games. The thrills and spills of super-human ability and endeavour is being played out on a screen somewhere right now. Inspirational, as they are meant to be. Not dirty and cheap and cheat-ridden. … Continue reading Let the culture games begin

Love Turkey, hate this artistic suppression

For 30 million worldwide tourists a year Turkey means either offers sparkling white sands and a twinkling azure sea or the hurly-burly and heritage sites of Istanbul.  Along it's Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines there are beach resorts for all types, from the Bodrum Peninsula to Kalkan and Marmaris. Alongside the usual swim, drink and dine; you can marvel … Continue reading Love Turkey, hate this artistic suppression

It’s all so political…give us some art

Since the Brexit result, the noisy news has been relentless.  Our politicians have found the going slippery  (so much rivalry and skulduggery), the economic marketplace appears clueless, whilst out in the towns reserved resentments are popping up like ugly jack-in-the -boxes.  The world looks on at us; unsettled and rather shameful. The power-play will continue over the coming days, months and possibly … Continue reading It’s all so political…give us some art

What the freak? The flaws in Florida’s make-up

    Two shocking incidents have bought Florida to mind this week. We've felt the terror of those caught up in the Orlando nightclub mass shooting and the helplessness of a little boy snapped by an alligator at a Walt Disney resort. Both truly, truly awful. Source: Sun Sentinel And far, far from our travel glossy view of Florida.  To us pasty faced Europeans, Florida … Continue reading What the freak? The flaws in Florida’s make-up