What to gift a retiring Duke…

What does life look like at 95?  Long, then short probably. There can be no denying there is a lot less to go than has gone.  And of that left, one hopes, will be lived in good health.  So it's not really a surprise the Duke of Edinburgh has decided to retire after 70 years of … Continue reading What to gift a retiring Duke…

Misled by fancy’s meteor ray

In the YBA boarding school/ mystery novel, Murder Most Unladylike by Robyn Stevens, new girl Hazel is led astray by the charismatic Daisy - after being tricked into climbing into her own trunk and then locked in. Hazel says “in a way, I have been getting into trunks for Daisy ever since, without stopping to ask why”.  Who's influencing our children, once … Continue reading Misled by fancy’s meteor ray

When all the money still isn’t enough

It's been a week for humble pie. All that apologizing following the hoo-haa at this year's Oscars ceremony was followed by an expression of regret from multi-billionaire businessman, Sir Philip Green, as he, finally, filled up (the BHS) pension pot.  The Oscars were dealt with quickly, at the scene. Green (who sold the ailing store for a quid in 2015 and … Continue reading When all the money still isn’t enough

We want she-Bobbies, with faults and all

Have a little think about the Police. Who comes to mind? A man in uniform, likely.   Quickly imagine a police detective? That'll be Rebus, Maigret, Wallander, Frost, Zen, Morse, or Columbo then? Yes there's a theme here. We think of the police as men, yes we do. And the women who come to mind are probably … Continue reading We want she-Bobbies, with faults and all

Hedonism and fame, those fickle friends

Did you know that two Nobel prize winners, a great tenor and a former head of the National Trust all died last week, the same week as the socialite Tara Palmer-Tompkinson?  Probably not, it was Tara's death that dominated our headlines. The others who passed us by were; Nobel prize-winning Sir Peter Mansfield (below, bottom right), the physicist who … Continue reading Hedonism and fame, those fickle friends

For the love of celebrity

Two years ago Kim Kardashian wrote a letter to her 2025 future self, her dreams then were of  " a green juice to keep her tanned forever" and of breaking "the 100 billion mark of Instagram followers" or "I’ll be very disappointed in you.” It's possible she might not be wishing for the same.  A month … Continue reading For the love of celebrity

We shall be governed no better than we deserve…

Whilst the world recovers from the shock election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States, the film of his life so far is, no doubt, being written (and here's a useful Trump character analysis, if that's you). Hollywood loves to screen-ify our world leaders; from Ghandi to Mandela to JFK and Nixon, their life stories have … Continue reading We shall be governed no better than we deserve…

Dance then, wherever you may be

A “pantsuit power” 200-person flashmob appeared in Union Square, New York last Sunday to perform a carefully choreographed, five-minute tribute to Hillary Clinton  (to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling). Film-makers and real-life partners Celia Rowlson-Hall and Mia Lidofsky pulled together volunteers from all over North America, organized a 10-camera shoot on a micro-budget and sourced hundreds of suits from thrift stores all over … Continue reading Dance then, wherever you may be

Let the culture games begin

And so they have begun; Rio got it's last-minute act together and the world is now avidly and awe-edly watching the 28th Summer Olympic Games. The thrills and spills of super-human ability and endeavour is being played out on a screen somewhere right now. Inspirational, as they are meant to be. Not dirty and cheap and cheat-ridden. … Continue reading Let the culture games begin

Who’s got their blue stockings on?

As the political quick-storms continue, Britain's second-only female Prime Minister moves like lighting into number 10 Downing Street (sometimes you have to take the great opportunity that comes your way...) Much is being said about Theresa May, her political career, her marriage, her dress sense and her liking for kitten-heeled shoes.  She has also been called a … Continue reading Who’s got their blue stockings on?