Under duplicitous fire

“Oh the miserable and calamitous spectacle!” wrote John Evelyn in 1666. “...London was, but is no more”. The story of the Great Fire of London in 1666, a staple of the primary  curriculum, is a glimpse of history that colours our early schooling. And this week we know why it's still important. As the horror footage … Continue reading Under duplicitous fire

In the eye of these storms

As the ninth storm of the winter battered Britain this week, where's the beauty in our wild, woolly weather? SPECTACLE Photography:  Whipped up and frenzied; our storm-lashed coasts are becoming a staple of the weather news coverage.  To capture the spectacle of wind and rain and sea, the fool-hardy tog up and brave the elements, phone camera in (a slippery) … Continue reading In the eye of these storms

There they blow…homage to the Whales

  Respect for the Cetacean They've caught our thoughts this week, those 5 dead whales spread the length of our Eastern coastline. Their big brooding silence has drawn the crowds. They come to witness their hugeness, their blackness, their bloody grazes.  The connection feels strangely human; the family ties, the noisy communications, the traveling in a pack (do they … Continue reading There they blow…homage to the Whales