For the love of celebrity

Two years ago Kim Kardashian wrote a letter to her 2025 future self, her dreams then were of  " a green juice to keep her tanned forever" and of breaking "the 100 billion mark of Instagram followers" or "I’ll be very disappointed in you.” It's possible she might not be wishing for the same.  A month … Continue reading For the love of celebrity


We shall be governed no better than we deserve…

Whilst the world recovers from the shock election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States, the film of his life so far is, no doubt, being written (and here's a useful Trump character analysis, if that's you). Hollywood loves to screen-ify our world leaders; from Ghandi to Mandela to JFK and Nixon, their life stories have … Continue reading We shall be governed no better than we deserve…

Making it up in cyberspace

Far, far spookier than Halloween this week was the Chancellor, Philip Hammond. In a speech, that could have come from a Star Wars movie, he launched the £1.9 billion government fund and new five-year cybersecurity strategy to turn Britain’s cyberwarfare capabilities against “hostile actors” -  “Our new strategy . . . will allow us to take even greater steps … Continue reading Making it up in cyberspace