Ringing in the New Year

Two years ago, this photo of drunken revellers on a Manchester street on New Year's Eve was hailed as a brilliant depiction of 21st century Britain. Taken by photographer Joel Goodman (and published in the Manchester Metro), a little tweet by a BBC producer, Roland Hughes, on it's artistic merits, saw it go viral.  Soon there were memes and … Continue reading Ringing in the New Year


So this is Christmas…

  Ask a primary school kid - what is Christmas? And they will most likely say, "the most magical thing" and then inform you all about the birth of baby Jesus and Father Christmas. Why the two don't really connect is of no interest to them (really, some children believe Jesus Christ plays football for Chelsea). … Continue reading So this is Christmas…

The conundrum that is Cuba

If you ever wondered how to mourn a political icon, take a look at Cuba. The country has simply lost itself for Fidel Castro this week.  Already there have been rallies, mass eulogies, vigils and ceaseless tributes in a nine-day mourn-fest for the dictator who ruled the country for nearly 50 years. Ever keen to reinforce the importance of the man and … Continue reading The conundrum that is Cuba