To Be an Insta Pilgrim

Have you been hearing the social app, Instagram, likened to The Pilgrim's Progress? It comes up in opinion columns occasionally. What has this classic tale to do with modern Instagram users? Is this a casual connection - simply shorthand for people having adventures and recording them? Or is there something more too this analogy? As you know already; Instagram is like Twitter but with photos and … Continue reading To Be an Insta Pilgrim

Lessons in Life and Love. By Dr Frankenstein

  "Today nearly everybody knows – or thinks they know – the tale of Frankenstein: an unhinged visionary doctor who makes the crude shape of a man from grave-robbed body parts and brings it to life, only to reject his grisly creation and so incite it to seek his destruction. For most of two centuries … Continue reading Lessons in Life and Love. By Dr Frankenstein

In need of a culture cure, PM?

Whilst their respective press offices work hard to spin those diplomatic gaffe stories off the front pages, the Prime Minister's and the Queen's very public trip-ups this week show the world the British press don't mind scoring an own goal. David Cameron's aside has probably caused the most offense. He was overheard telling the Queen  that “some fantastically corrupt … Continue reading In need of a culture cure, PM?

Look at sleeplessness

Did you hear Woman's Hour (BBC Radio 4) last week, the one about Kim Cattrall's years long struggle with insomnia - "like a three-tonne gorilla sitting on my chest"? This was not the standard celebrity promoting something interview. In a novel approach  the programme was dedicated to the reading of Kim's private night-time diaries (by Dame Janet … Continue reading Look at sleeplessness