Breaking out of a siege mentality

Likely lucky for most of us, we've spent the past 5 years  living out our lives, in a peaceful nation, free of religious or political tyranny. Not so the citizens of Aleppo, they've been in a different place - a possible hell; witnessing the virtual destruction of their home city, their lives endangered on a daily  (hourly, even) basis, by a fierce, relentless, murderous … Continue reading Breaking out of a siege mentality

The wonder of a city wander

So reader - do you feel comfortable walking our city streets? Do you ever walk with no agenda or appointment or map? Are you happy to wander in an urban area without accompaniment (other than your normal commute)? And when alone, do you feel more conspicuous? My guess, your answers - especially if you are female - are … Continue reading The wonder of a city wander

Let the culture games begin

And so they have begun; Rio got it's last-minute act together and the world is now avidly and awe-edly watching the 28th Summer Olympic Games. The thrills and spills of super-human ability and endeavour is being played out on a screen somewhere right now. Inspirational, as they are meant to be. Not dirty and cheap and cheat-ridden. … Continue reading Let the culture games begin