In a beige world – we all need Carmen

Think Carmen; think feisty, sexy, hot-headed diva.  A woman living on her emotions. She's infamous as a femme fatale; her seductive power leading directly to the damnation of every man fool enough to believe she can belong to him. But she is also is a lot more. Her Spanishness, her cultural background, her Gypsy soul give her … Continue reading In a beige world – we all need Carmen

Life in a tutu

To strive; to do your best, to try your utmost.  To ballet is to strive. As an arts-form it is unique; it requires sweat and grace and beauty and pain. What makes ballet special? It's human endeavour in silk shoes. Ballet is fixed steps, linked to each other, to create an infinite variety of dances. It … Continue reading Life in a tutu