There they blow…homage to the Whales

  Respect for the Cetacean They've caught our thoughts this week, those 5 dead whales spread the length of our Eastern coastline. Their big brooding silence has drawn the crowds. They come to witness their hugeness, their blackness, their bloody grazes.  The connection feels strangely human; the family ties, the noisy communications, the traveling in a pack (do they … Continue reading There they blow…homage to the Whales

Double Deutsch (Deutschland83)

  Watching Deutschland 83 on Sunday nights has reawakened an interest in Germany. This classy Cold War thriller brings back memories of growing up in the 70s and 80s; the nagging nuclear threat, the big red button, the terrifyingly huge mushroom cloud, the impenetrable iron curtain, the us and them. (Guardian Review). Is Germany still living with a split … Continue reading Double Deutsch (Deutschland83)

In a beige world – we all need Carmen

Think Carmen; think feisty, sexy, hot-headed diva.  A woman living on her emotions. She's infamous as a femme fatale; her seductive power leading directly to the damnation of every man fool enough to believe she can belong to him. But she is also is a lot more. Her Spanishness, her cultural background, her Gypsy soul give her … Continue reading In a beige world – we all need Carmen

Watch. Listen. Read – January

Watch: If you appreciate endeavor with grace you will be awed by the beautiful perfection of the Royal Ballet. These dancers and this company lead the world, in my opinion. Carlos Acosta's Christmas day swan song dance, Carmen may bring tears to your eyes.  You can still relive the memories for a bit on the BBC iplayer. Listen: Serial is back (featured photo). … Continue reading Watch. Listen. Read – January