Doing it for the greater good

"Is there any one of the Royal Family who wants to be king or queen? I don't think so," Prince Harry is reported as saying this week. A quote that's likely to have pleased his family as much as his divorced starlet/humanitarian girlfriend and his desire to "modernize the monarchy." His further explanation “we will … Continue reading Doing it for the greater good

Misled by fancy’s meteor ray

In the YBA boarding school/ mystery novel, Murder Most Unladylike by Robyn Stevens, new girl Hazel is led astray by the charismatic Daisy - after being tricked into climbing into her own trunk and then locked in. Hazel says “in a way, I have been getting into trunks for Daisy ever since, without stopping to ask why”.  Who's influencing our children, once … Continue reading Misled by fancy’s meteor ray

Born bad or grew bad? Our Teen Killers

Mary Bell in 1968 (who as an 11 year old strangled two little boys "solely for the pleasure and excitement of killing") and Jon Venables and Robert Thompson in 1990 (who aged 10, lured two-year-old James Bulger to his death on a railway track) shocked us deeply but they were thought an anomaly.  So rare, not even a thing. But … Continue reading Born bad or grew bad? Our Teen Killers

The mad, the bad, the sad – the art of mental health

Boring bits, dull times  - we all have them. Niggles and annoyances - we all have them. Worries - we all have them. Fears, real or imagined - we all have them. Feelings and emotions - we certainly all have them But when we find dealing with our days too much and our mental harmony out of … Continue reading The mad, the bad, the sad – the art of mental health

Trending – “back to school, cute kid in uniform week”

  Admit it, you did it, at least once this week. Yes that's right - took a cute photo of your child in their (too big) school kit ready for the new term and then shared it far and wide with your FB friends. "The trend for showcasing our child on social media on their … Continue reading Trending – “back to school, cute kid in uniform week”

To Be an Insta Pilgrim

Have you been hearing the social app, Instagram, likened to The Pilgrim's Progress? It comes up in opinion columns occasionally. What has this classic tale to do with modern Instagram users? Is this a casual connection - simply shorthand for people having adventures and recording them? Or is there something more too this analogy? As you know already; Instagram is like Twitter but with photos and … Continue reading To Be an Insta Pilgrim