In an age of loneliness

As detrimental to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Increasing the risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke. And the likelihood of developing  dementia.  That's how feeling alone, reportedly, effects us. And it's spreading amongst us, more than nine million people – a fifth of the UK population – privately admit they are “always or often lonely”. Rachel Reeves, … Continue reading In an age of loneliness


Embracing the public life of a president’s wife – would you?

On the face of it, there's not much about the First Lady role (nickname FLOTUS) that suggests glamour or pleasure.  It's unpaid, you have to manage a staff— of around 15 people, be an all round charming White House hostess and then champion a cause or two, usually related to women or children. (  But as we watch Donald Trump … Continue reading Embracing the public life of a president’s wife – would you?

Just serving up a divorce, dear

It's made headlines around the world.  The Great British Bake Off producers have cited (financial) distress and waltzed into the waiting arm(ful)s of Channel 4. There's blood on the carpet (Mary, Mel and Sue, all gone) and the jostling for position in the brand-spanking marquee has begun.  Will the British public accept minted Paul Hollywood's second "wife"? We'll have … Continue reading Just serving up a divorce, dear

It’s all so political…give us some art

Since the Brexit result, the noisy news has been relentless.  Our politicians have found the going slippery  (so much rivalry and skulduggery), the economic marketplace appears clueless, whilst out in the towns reserved resentments are popping up like ugly jack-in-the -boxes.  The world looks on at us; unsettled and rather shameful. The power-play will continue over the coming days, months and possibly … Continue reading It’s all so political…give us some art

What the freak? The flaws in Florida’s make-up

    Two shocking incidents have bought Florida to mind this week. We've felt the terror of those caught up in the Orlando nightclub mass shooting and the helplessness of a little boy snapped by an alligator at a Walt Disney resort. Both truly, truly awful. Source: Sun Sentinel And far, far from our travel glossy view of Florida.  To us pasty faced Europeans, Florida … Continue reading What the freak? The flaws in Florida’s make-up

All credit to the man in the arena, still

These words from Theodore Roosevelt's motivational speech "Citizenship In A   Republic" were delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France on 23 April, 1910.  Fitting now, perhaps, as we mourn a man who spent his career "in the arena...marred by dust and sweat and blood". Since the heavyweight champion died last Friday aged 74, sports writers have polished their prose … Continue reading All credit to the man in the arena, still

Picturing domestic abuse

Source: Hollywood Life But we know she's not alone.The statistics are horrendous. Worldwide, almost one-third (30%) of all women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner, in some regions this is much higher. Furthermore, globally as many as 38% of all murders of women are committed by intimate partners (WHO).  Chad, Afghanistan and … Continue reading Picturing domestic abuse

To Be an Insta Pilgrim

Have you been hearing the social app, Instagram, likened to The Pilgrim's Progress? It comes up in opinion columns occasionally. What has this classic tale to do with modern Instagram users? Is this a casual connection - simply shorthand for people having adventures and recording them? Or is there something more too this analogy? As you know already; Instagram is like Twitter but with photos and … Continue reading To Be an Insta Pilgrim

Lessons in Life and Love. By Dr Frankenstein

  "Today nearly everybody knows – or thinks they know – the tale of Frankenstein: an unhinged visionary doctor who makes the crude shape of a man from grave-robbed body parts and brings it to life, only to reject his grisly creation and so incite it to seek his destruction. For most of two centuries … Continue reading Lessons in Life and Love. By Dr Frankenstein

In need of a culture cure, PM?

Whilst their respective press offices work hard to spin those diplomatic gaffe stories off the front pages, the Prime Minister's and the Queen's very public trip-ups this week show the world the British press don't mind scoring an own goal. David Cameron's aside has probably caused the most offense. He was overheard telling the Queen  that “some fantastically corrupt … Continue reading In need of a culture cure, PM?