In need of a culture cure, PM?

Whilst their respective press offices work hard to spin those diplomatic gaffe stories off the front pages, the Prime Minister's and the Queen's very public trip-ups this week show the world the British press don't mind scoring an own goal. David Cameron's aside has probably caused the most offense. He was overheard telling the Queen  that “some fantastically corrupt … Continue reading In need of a culture cure, PM?


Mourning the many, as many

Tomorrow, Good Friday, Christians darken their churches to mourn the crucifixion of their almighty, Jesus Christ. This year, so far, we have prayed goodbye to several other idols, famed and venerated for their creative accomplishments. Now, Europe is head-bowed for the everyday people torn by terror in Brussels. What are the best ways to aesthetically represent this mourning together? News reportage, arguably, captures the  spirit of a collective … Continue reading Mourning the many, as many

Double Deutsch (Deutschland83)

  Watching Deutschland 83 on Sunday nights has reawakened an interest in Germany. This classy Cold War thriller brings back memories of growing up in the 70s and 80s; the nagging nuclear threat, the big red button, the terrifyingly huge mushroom cloud, the impenetrable iron curtain, the us and them. (Guardian Review). Is Germany still living with a split … Continue reading Double Deutsch (Deutschland83)