Watch. Listen. Read. March


Bolshoi Babylon – BBC iplayer.  An enthralling documentary revealing the extraordinary upheavals and backstage skulduggery at the world class Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow.  A beautiful re-construction of the personal and political rivalry that led up to that infamous acid attack on the Bolshoi director, Sergei Filin, with access to most of the key players. Review


Riot Girls – BBC player. A series of no-holds-barred women’s writing from the feminist movement of the 1970s to the present day.  Evidently  Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying” still has the power to shock. It’s retelling last week, (over)heated the radio world.


Pour Me A Life by A.A. Gill. Readers of his Sunday Times columns will be familiar with Gill’s literary prose and the dyslexia that fuels it. His memoir relives a flamboyant life lived on a rollercoaster. If a life of ups and downs don’t thrill you, the life advice and homilies just might.  Review


Featured photo – BBC Radio 4


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