Watch. Listen. Read – January

Watch: If you appreciate endeavor with grace you will be awed by the beautiful perfection of the Royal Ballet. These dancers and this company lead the world, in my opinion. Carlos Acosta’s Christmas day swan song dance, Carmen may bring tears to your eyes.  You can still relive the memories for a bit on the BBC iplayer.

Listen: Serial is back (featured photo). Reportedly the most downloaded podcast series of 2014 has returned for a new series. Sarah Koenig takes us on her journey of examination and rumination, this time following an American soldier captured by the Taliban and his subsequent release from captivity. Of course it’s not going to be a simple case of wrong and right; the twists and turns of this story promise to keep the world fixated again.

Read: The House by the Lake by Thomas Harding. The history of twentieth century Germany as witnessed by a summer cottage on a lake in Berlin.  Harding explores his own familial connections to create a thoughtful story full of personal insights, fascinating characters and well researched historical facts.  Also available as audio;  Radio 4, Book of the Week.


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